Lead Team:
Application Information


  • High school student (as of Fall 2022)

  • Must be a girl or a non-binary individual who is comfortable being grouped with girls

  • Must attend school/live in the geographic Northeast of the United States

  • Must have some experience in leadership positions and/or managing students

  • Must have accomplishments in STEM field(s)


  • Prospective Co-Director (Open for classes of '25 or '26)

    • Responsible for ensuring that everything runs smoothly and keeping the chapter on task and on top of its deadlines.

    • Time commitment: 10+ hours/week (closer to the competition); otherwise 3 - 5 hours/week*

  • Finance Manager

    • Responsible for securing funds and/or sponsors for events.

  • Communications' Team Member

    • May be responsible for managing social media account(s) and posting schedule, reaching out to organizations/schools to advertise for students, mentors, and/or speakers.

  • Activity Organizer

    • Responsible for organizing competition day activities and materials.

  • Newsletter Article Writer

    • Responsible for writing for the monthly newsletter; topics often include current events surrounding the gender gap in STEM, upcoming INTEGIRLS events, and other opportunities for individuals on our mailing list.

  • Newsletter Editor

    • Responsible for editing and formatting the monthly newsletter.

  • Graphic Designer

    • Responsible for designing flyers for all events (competitions, speaker events, etc.) and their corresponding Instagram posts.

  • Website Manager

    • Responsible for keeping the website up-to-date.

*All other chapter members might spend 4+ hours/week closer to competition season, though much less during off seasons.