Our Team

Garima is a junior at the Virtual Learning Academy Charter School (NH).

Jessica is a junior at Westwood High School (MA).

Harini is a freshman at Phillips Exeter Academy (NH).

Jade is a junior at Noble and Greenough School (MA). 

Sophia is a junior at Westwood High School (MA).

Rachel is a junior at Northfield Mount Hermon School (MA).

Hannah is a senior at Lexington High School (MA).

Taili is a sophomore at Lexington High School (MA).

Anika is a sophomore at Phillips Academy Andover (MA).

Async Ambassadors

Want to help us spread the word but can't/aren't eligible to join our team?

Consider joining as an Async Ambassador instead! Individuals (of any gender) who can get 10 or more eligible students to register for our competition are immediately added to this list. Please email us at boston@integirls.org if you have any questions!

Join Us!

We are looking for committed girls/non-binary high school students passionate about bridging the gender gap in STEM to join the Boston and Concord INTEGIRLS Team. This is a volunteer opportunity, so you can earn service hours with us while holding a leadership position!

The applications are reviewed on a first-come first-served basis, so please apply as early as possible if you are interested. You will hear back from us within a month of your application.

Application details can be found here.